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Here you will find the many features that we have currently in our application, but we plan to add more features in the upcoming months.

Full Features

  • Customizable selection of real estate zones
  • Comprehensive housing data and analysis tools
  • Local foreclosure trends, rental rates, and comparables
  • Property updates and alerts
  • Outstanding loan amounts and position on foreclosure properties
  • Default amounts, auction updates, owner name and lender name
  • Sales history and property characteristics for 400-500 houses per week
  • Estimated values, comp sales, comp listings and nearby foreclosure
  • Equity and loan-to-value amounts for pre-foreclosures and auctions
  • Judgement information, case number,

View Demo Video

We are currently in the process of developing our demo video, which will be a short explanatory video on how our system works and how it helps with researching properties before you buy them.

If you have any questions please check out our FAQ page, which covers most of the current inquires our customers have.